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I somehow knew that there would be a LJ community for this place. In honovr of the time and money I've spent here, and in tribute to the thousands upon thousands of words that were put "to paper" while sitting at this place, I've dug up some enlightening posts I've made evangelizing Trabant in another forum. Oh, the things that fly off my fingertips sometimes...


2004-12-12 19:46

So I began typing up the final project for Content Analysis ...sitting at Trabant (ah, Trabant, I've been estranged from you all quarter for some reason) and rediscovering its joys. After a few hours I was up to a shitload of pages... outlining methodology and analysis and shit... really enoying it... everything coming together nicely. What a joy to work on...

This all, however, leaves me with the feeling of "why didn't the bulk of this quarter proceed/feel this way?" ...

Ed Note: Obviously, it must have been because I had not been hanging out at Trabant.


2004-7-22 o godz. 09:21

I like the cute little punk-ass kids that work there; they don't have the pretentious vibe of many other places (I mean I love Solstice and all but you gotta chuckle at the number of ironic t-shirts and the ironic uber-80s apparel sometimes)

And the atmosphere... relatively bare and tall and stark... very East German... yet colorful and happy at the same time... not East German. It's, like, Happy Stalinist decor.


2004-7-21 22:13

I love Trabant

Just a few minutes ago, some punk ass kids were standing around the entrance to the north alley off of 45th. A handfull of them wandering into the alley while the two on bikes sped off onto the Ave.

Then, like just now, a cop turned into the alley and drove down slowly. He shined his punklight around some dumpsters and, a few seconds later, some punk ass kids came out fro behind it. I dunno if they were tagging or smoking or snorting or blowing each other, but he's parked in the alley as is probably giving them the business.

So much activity around this place. And that's not to mention the chic lesbians that kept walking by... I feel like a cat on a windowsill.


2004-4-21 17:54

It's more than just a cafe...

it's a front for something... perhaps some
Shady Mu Sic Underg Round.

It's all nice and tall and open and airy and I wish they had a terrazzo as well as outdoor seating On A Day Like To-Day.

Whereas Solstice has positively "out of your league" hot baristas, Trabant's cuteys all seem accessible, tender, emminently lickable, and thoroughly molestable -- not that I objectify or anything. Some have that "Just turned 18" look about them.

But don't be fooled! They're hiding something...


2004-4-21 10:31

Oh wonder of wonders!

Flashback: 1993, Urbana, Illinois.

When my hausmates and I moved into the Screaming Meadows, we set up a haus network with our computers -- no big deal now, of course, but tres geeky Way Back Then. We joked about the fact that we no longer had to talk to each other because we could just email each other back and forth from our respective rooms.

Fast Forward to THE PRESENT DAY.

This morning, I walked into Trabant -- the emerging New EyeSkool Consulate _slash_ auxillary computer lab. I sat myself down on the extremely comfy purple couch (from which I am writing this) where Hellcat sat Just The Other Day and posted about Doing the Very Same.

Oh Temporality!

Anyway, after a while, who should walk in but none other than Springstreet... who will likely read this note from her laptop.... thus obviating the need for the actual conversation we had!

Oh Wonder of Wonders! Joy of Joys! Gott im Himmel! Diese ist der menschenschlager!

Fascinating how, in this very cafe, within a 10 foot sphere, there are two entirely different worlds going on: the material world and the net world... simultaneously and At The Same Time! And Springstreet and I are both engaged in both of these contexts!

Somebody pass me the smelling salts... this fluffy moment of Extreme Social Context is making me faint...

Oh Melodrama!

**waves to springstreet**


2004-4-14 00:17

...I'm really impressed with the pervasiveness and tenacity of The Breakfast Club, usually appreviated "TBC" all over the U-District. Its two most prominent writers are Cereal and Toast. (Someday I'll post all the pictures...) Both of them do some really good stuff down on the Campus Parkway viaduct underneath Roosevelt. Toast once drew some cute slices of toast as well as a toaster. Look for the playful "I like Toast" graffiti on that fantastic The Ave is Back mural at 45th/Ave.

Cereal does some really cool moose heads... which I once also found drawn inside Trabant; this is why I have my suspicions about what that place is a front for...


2004-4-8 21:09

I love this place! Right now, Po' Girl is playing over the speakers. They have begun recognizing me as one of the regulars... I hope the Solstice hotties don't get jealous of my two-timing them...


2004-3-14 o godz. 18:29

I like Trabant because it's so tall and hard-surfaced... and at night I can look out the windows and see the bzzzt-y neon signs of Taqueria Morelia across the street as well as Ave stuff... and the cars whizzing by... and I get to walk past that graffiti'd and beautifully ironic mural and the dark alley... it's all so wonderfully urban. It feels sorta like New York except perhaps a bit Newer and with considerably less York.
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It's always nice to hear someone else's perspective on something so close to me... :) Thanks for sharing. And the Trabant baristas are as cool in person as they seem while they're still baristaing!