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Trabant featured in USA Today!

From USA Today:

Tatiana Becker, co-owner of the Trabant Chai Lounge in Seattle, is one of the sample-tasting converts. When she's fixing a drink for herself, she says, "I make what I call a Vanilla Rooibos" (a red South African tea): She brews the maté in vanilla syrup, then adds the tea and lets it all steep. Some customers like to sweeten the straight maté with honey.

"Our bulk order keeps going up," she says. "We have three brewing baskets in our espresso machine, and one is dedicated to maté." The lounge has a monthly tango night, and dancers "are really into maté."

Trabant sells it retail as well — in 16 tea-bag boxes ($6.95) or half-pound bags.

"We also carry a Guayaki kit that has the loose mix, the gourd, the bombilla and an instruction booklet," Becker says.
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